Great fun with @FlashFridayFic @postupak

Flash! Friday

I had great fun last Friday taking part in the weekly @FlashFridayFic competition properly for the first time. I had a go a short while ago but was not able to follow up as a reader. This time I had the luxury of time and was able to both submit a story and to read the other entries and comment on them.

That’s what makes the competition so much fun! Each week the organiser Rebekah Postupak posts a photographic prompt then the writers get writing. The word limit is 150 words with 10 per cent leeway. It’s amazing that so many great stories come out of so few words and so quickly. Submissions are only allowed on the Friday based on Washington DC time. Guest judges preside and choose a winner which is announced on the following Sunday.

There is such a variety of writing and takes on the prompt which also makes being a reader fun, although it’s great to have an opportunity to see your own work up there too.

If you get a chance, try having a go this week. The rules are on the website at

And you will be made to feel most welcome – enjoy!


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