The value of persistence #amwriting #keepgoing

Today I received news that not one but two (!) of my stories are to be published online in the next month and it made me realise the importance of sheer persistence. Last week I was really fed up as a writer as I failed to make the short list of a competition. For some reason I had hoped I would be more successful, maybe because I submitted 3 stories! I was so fed up that I doubted my abilities and my motivation. It was only the reminder from my husband of the successes that I have had that made me realise it wasn’t all bad!

I have a spreadsheet of all my submissions which allows me to check where I have sent my stories, but more importantly I can easily see which ones I have had published/longlisted/shortlisted/rejected. It is so disheartening when a story doesn’t get the recognition you think it should, but it is even better to look back at the spreadsheet and think – Yes!-  I have some things accepted – my work is worthwhile. And, if that gem of a story doesn’t hit the spot first time, then re-work and re-submit. The key thing is to keep going. If you have belief in your own abilities, then just keep writing.


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