Getting a writing boost

It has taken me a long time to get over the shock of being long listed for the 2015 Bristol Short Story Prize, hence why this post is out so late. 2015-BS8-flyer-212x300Partly it was because I was holding my breath for the short list (which I didn’t make) but mostly because I couldn’t believe my name was on the Long list of this amazing competition. Like so many people I paid my money, sent in my carefully crafted story and then promptly forgot about it. As with most competitions, I enter without expecting to do anything. I keep my spreadsheet up to date with my entries and rejections/unsuccessful stories, with the odd one highlighted with a publication date. This longlisting warranted a full on exclamation mark or three to mark how excited I was!!!

But one of the reasons I was so chuffed was that it meant other people had rated it as a good story, one that gave them reading pleasure – which is why we do this dastardly difficult writing thing, isn’t it? When I’d finished that story I thought it was good – probably my best story to date, but it is gratifying to know that other people thought that too. Although I am disappointed not to have reached the short list it has given me confidence in my writing, knowing I’m ‘on the right lines’ as it were. All I have to do now is write some more!



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