A reader ‘got’ my novel!



I was absolutely delighted to read my first review of my YA novel ‘Akos Novus’. The dream review that any writer would want after baring your soul (years of work!) to the world and holding your breath to see if anyone reads it or even notices!

It was doubly exciting to see that this reader actually GOT what I was trying to say –  I feel that at least I’ve put my ideas across well and that is so rewarding. As most authors know – it’s not really about making money (too few sales yet to give up my day job) but about connecting with readers and sharing your work with an appreciative audience. If no=one else reads it at least I know one person has enjoyed it – what a feeling!




3 thoughts on “A reader ‘got’ my novel!

    1. pamjplumb Post author

      Thanks – it was about four weeks till I got a review. I’ve not had many sales (les than ten) so was really pleased with that. Hope your project is going well 🙂


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